Invitation to Vote - 2021 Board Elections

In accordance with the Constitution of the Asset Management Council nominations were called for the position of Director on the AMCouncil Board of Directors.
Four candidates have successfully nominated for one position of Director which becomes vacant at the 2021 AGM. Voting is now open and closes at 5pm on Friday 16th April 2021.
The results of the election will be available at the AGM to be held on Monday 19th April 2021 at 1pm at The Crown Promenade, Melbourne, Victoria, in person with video link option.
All financial members of the Asset Management Council are entitled to vote in this election.
To access the electronic vote click here and enter login details to verify membership.

Dr Anne Gibbs
Company Secretary, Asset Management Council Ltd

Quality Data supports Asset Management

It is a truth universally acknowledged that data strengthens any asset management practice. Quality data is needed to prevent assets from downtime, failures, and the overall management of the asset’s lifecyle. It is therefore an integral part of asset management, particularly in the maintenance and reliability field.

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GFMAM Maintenance Framework - 2nd edition released February 2021

The purpose of the Maintenance Framework is to develop and promote a common understanding of the role and value of maintenance, and how it contributes to the delivery of business outcomes. Going into more detail than, and beyond the subject of Maintenance Delivery from the Asset Management Landscape, the Maintenance Framework provides information on:

Conference on Maintenance and Intelligent Asset Management Announced

Sharing knowledge is a key element of the Asset Management Council’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023. We’re excited then, to share the news of the recently announced industry-relevant conference on maintenance and intelligent asset management.

The conference will be held from 19-21 September 20211.

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Tunnelling Progress

As Sydney commuters bustle their way through traffic, a breakthrough—literally—has been made on the WestConnex tunnels project. Roadheaders, those large excavating assets, have carved their way from the M4-M5 Tunnels to the M8 Motorway, connecting for the first time. A milestone achievement, deep underground. WestConnex CEO, Andrew Head, notes there are currently twenty-eight roadheaders in operation, the largest number on a single project. Each asset progresses approximately twenty-five metres each week, and to date, have excavated seventeen kilometres1.

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