Fixing Transport Congestion – report from Infrastructure Victoria

IV ReportNot too long ago, before the coronavirus pandemic, when everyone was still going on with their daily lives, Victoria’s transport network was struggling to meet with demand. It may seem like a lifetime ago, but people spent inordinate periods of time squashed on trains, or arrived late to work due to a collision that shut down the main arterial roads into the CBD.

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What happens to assets now?

whnThe coronavirus is doing its best to wreak destruction on a wide scale. We’re in lockdown, advised to stay home to flatten the curve, and keep everyone as safe as possible. We’re hearing lots of stories about businesses working hard to provide products to protect our frontline workers: health professionals, delivery drivers, supermarket staff and other essential enterprises.

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Zoom goes security

zoomThe coronavirus has caused an explosion in the use of social media platforms, and particularly software programs that have a videoconferencing option.

As more and more of us are remaining indoors, following advice to #stayhome, the way we connect with our work colleagues for critical business functions, as well as our friends and extended family members has been via these platforms.

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