Defence Assets

The Australian Army received news of an upgrade to its armed reconnaissance capability, following the selection of Boeing’s Apache Guardian to replace the ARH Tiger from 2025.

Boeing’s Apache AH64E helicopter is equipped with improved sensors, communication suites, attack capabilities, and improved survivability. It is the most lethal and lowest-risk option, and meets all of the defence’s requirements for assets, such as through-life support and high-detail security function1.

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New Energy Facility

Western Power is set to build a state-of-the-art facility in Albany.

The $16 million energy hub will be created to enhance safety for employees, improve operations and future-proof electricity supply for the region. Design for the facility include single-flow traffic, the separation of heavy and light vehicles, and reduced space between forklifts and employees. It will also include charging ports for electric vehicles in the visitor car park and inside the building.

The facility will replace Western Power’s ageing existing facility on the same site, and construction is expected to commence in May 2021. The new facility and assets contained within it are expected to meet the energy needs of the community in the Great Southern Region1.

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Rail Upgrade

Australian rail networks are among our nation’s most valuable assets. Rail is used for passenger and freight transport, the latter of course a viable and reliable way to move goods and keep our roads safer.

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Asset Management Trends

In 2020, the world was surprised and ill-prepared by the coronavirus pandemic. Asset management, which at its core involves mitigating risk, stood poised with key guidelines that proved helpful in many countries’ recovery phase. From there, we can see some upcoming trends in asset management for 2021 as researched by Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

This year, it will be critical for businesses to better leverage the use of IoT. With many employees predicted to continue working from home into at least the first half of 2021, the IoT will help keep staff connected and engaged, productive and accountable. Also, intelligent systems, once implemented will help reduce overall costs to the business and, importantly, will transform your maintenance practices from reactive to proactive.

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Marinus Link Potential Site named

Good news for new assets and the path to clean energy as TasNetworks names the Old Tioxide Site as the potential location for the Marinus Link. Once routes and plans are approved, it will effectively repurpose the disused buildings and other assets as well as create hundreds of jobs, boosting the region’s economy.

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