Energy sector announces plan for COVID-19

ESIt has been said many times before that we are living in extremely challenging times. The terrain of enforced shut down caused by the coronavirus pandemic across towns and cities globally is unchartered. Nobody knows precisely what is best. Decisions made represent a fine balancing act between the health of people and the economic stability of the country. These are not mutually exclusive; most readers will be aware that economic stability in any country vastly improves the health of that country’s inhabitants.

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Preparing Assets for post-COVID life

post COVIDMost of the world is releasing its breath over the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions are being relaxed, cautiously and optimistically, in many countries. Individuals are stepping out their homes and, while observing social distancing guidelines, greeting friends, neighbours and extended family members.

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Bridge collapse over troubled maintenance


A bridge in Aulla, in northern Italy, collapsed in early April. The bridge normally experiences high traffic throughout the day, however, due to the coronavirus and its ensuing lockdown status in the country, only two vans were on the bridge at the time. Both drivers were taken to hospital and fortunately survived the incident.

The collapse of the bridge highlights the necessity of maintenance on infrastructure, and particularly in Italy. It is the third bridge to collapse in two years, with forty-five people dying in 2018 after the collapse of the Polcevera Viaduct in Genoa, and in November 2019, a motorway bridge in Liguria collapsed after a landslide.

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2020 AMCouncil Board Announced

MKThe AMCouncil 2020 AGM was held on Monday 20th April 2020 at which one director, Tom Carpenter, retired from the Board at the end of his 3-year term. We thank Tom for his work with the Board over the past 3 years.

An electronic vote was held for 4 eligible candidates resulting in the election of Michael Killeen to the Board.

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