In accordance with the Constitution of the Asset Management Council nominations were called for the position of Director on the AMCouncil Board of Directors.
Four candidates have successfully nominated for one position of Director which becomes vacant at the 2020 AGM. Voting is now open and closes at 5pm on Friday 17th April 2020.
The results of the election will be available at the AGM to be held on Monday 20th April 2020 at 1pm at The Crown Promenade, Melbourne, Victoria.
All financial members of the Asset Management Council are entitled to vote in this election.
To access the electronic vote click here and enter login details to verify membership.

Dr Anne Gibbs
Company Secretary, Asset Management Council Ltd

A huge pile of assets

digger 3784897 1920The Level Crossing Removal Project is a massive undertaking requiring hours of labour and works underway at various sites around the city and suburban areas.  As we sit in our cars, held up by traffic lights or a worker holding the Stop/Slow sign reminding us to take care, it can be easy to overlook the assets used in such a project.

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National Gas Reservation Policy


Who remembers using a piggy bank? As a child, you’d save one and two cent pieces; if you were lucky you might even get a silver coin to slide into the slot on the pig’s back. As the coins dropped you’d hear them clunk onto the others inside. Once the pig became heavy, with its tum full of coins, you’d go with your parents to the local branch of the bank, and deposit those coins into your own savings account. Saving for the future is a good plan.

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Fighting Robots


The future of the defence force looks to be integrating its human assets with new robotic assets, coming together in a program to become joint lethal protectors.

The use of advanced technologies in battle are increasing and it is predicted that by the middle of this century, military forces will contain many thousands of robots, and our human commanders and soldiers will l be informed and guided by artificial intelligence1.

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Moving from Cost to Value with Asset Maintenance

Pool Closed

There is often tension between various stakeholders when it comes to the cost of maintenance of physical assets. Leadership within most organisations seeks a return on investment, and many times, it can be difficult to grasp the juggle between the cost of maintaining assets and the bottom line. There can be issues between the maintenance and operations departments, often with the two working in silos and an unhealthy level of confusion about each other’s specific tasks.

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