Asset Management for a Resilient Future

govsym20The annual Asset Management Council Government Communities of Practice symposium has kicked off with resilient bang!

The morning session began with our MC for the day, AM Council board director Toby Horstead, setting the scene. With natural disasters and the obvious pandemic, now is—more than ever—the right time to plan for a resilient future for publicly owned assets. Toby was followed by the AM Council’s National Chair, Dave Daines, who welcomed us all to an informative day where knowledge surrounding the important work on resilience in asset management is shared.

The keynote speaker, Jonathan Cartledge, Director Policy and Research, Infrastructure Australia, brought the crucial element of planning to the forefront. Within communities, all levels of government and the private sector must take the time to plan for resilience in assets in order to be able to effectively deliver services. Infrastructure Australia notes there is evidence that infrastructure services are not being delivered to communities fast enough, but the output must be tempered with careful planning and forethought.

Claire Gardiner-Barnes from Infrastructure NSW spoke from her perspective as Head of Strategy, Planning and Innovation on the State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS) and how this relates to assurance in asset planning and resilience.
Our third speaker, coming from the United Kingdom, spoke about the key role the circular economy plays in future resilience. Asset management holds a critical role in the resilience of infrastructure and the circular economy helps to build a truly global environment.

The symposium broke for morning tea, after which more speakers are planned with a focus on the impact natural disasters hold for assets and their resilience. Importantly, our AM Awards for Excellence Ceremony takes place just before we break for lunch. Make sure you’re tuned in for all the winners! And there’s plenty more in the way of informative sessions after lunch.