govsym20 And the winners are…

The winners of the Asset Management Council’s Asset Management Excellence Awards are announced. Here’s a list of the winners in each category:

  • TransGrid, Digital Substation – Winner, Asset Management Innovation Award
    • The bulk of the substations managed by TransGrid were constructed in the 1970s and 1980s, utilising technology that was appropriate at that time but is now reaching the end of its reliable life. TransGrid’s digital substations will be implemented on future and replacement capital projects, to maintain a safe and reliable transmission network.
  • TransGrid, Asset Monitoring Information Platform – Winner, Asset Management Information Management Award
    • TransGrid has developed a bespoke ‘Asset Monitoring Information Platform’ that allows monitoring and managing asset information from multiple systems into different viewports (or contexts) in a purpose-built Asset Monitoring Centre. This solution is providing better response and reduced outage time, lowering cost and improving reliability.
  • Assetic & Department of Transport Victoria, The Moonshot Project – Winner, Asset Management CRP Award
    • The Department of Transport (DoT) and Assetic partnered to provide a balance between cost, risk and performance across all transport modes, with a focus on customer-centric, outcome-focussed asset management through The Moonshot Project. Named in honour of President Kennedy’s ‘Moonshot challenge’ in 1961, it hasn’t yet been achieved nor its path to being achieved been defined.
  • Jemena, Goulburn Gasworks Remediation Project – Winner, Asset Management Environmental/Social Award
    • The Goulburn Gasworks remediation forms a critical part of the Jemena Asset Management System, and demonstrates the company’s commitment to managing the full-life cycle of its assets including maintaining, monitoring for compliance and ensuring the correct retirement of an asset.
  • Sydney Trains, Electronic Rail Lubricator Project – Winner, Asset Management Safety Award
    • The project replaces the existing network of 428 mechanic lubricators with 119 new electronic units. The new units employ remote monitoring capabilities that enable fundamental changes to rail lubricator maintenance practices to improve staff and rail corridor safety.
  • Gladstone Regional Council, Diversity – Winner, Asset Management Diversity Award
    • With a proud focus on diversity to support growth in the region, Gladstone Regional Council aims to make true connections with the community, reflected in its inclusivity and innovative opportunities across its vast landscape.

The Asset Management Council would like to congratulate the above-named winners. We also wish to sincerely thank each of the finalists in the Asset Management Excellence Awards 2020. This year, we were honoured to receive a record number of entries in each category and we thank you for the time and attention taken to produce your submission.
We also particularly thank our panel of judges who spent much time deliberating over the entries in each category.

Re-watch the Asset Management 2020 Awards for Excellence Ceremony below

Asset Management Awards 2020 from AM Council on Vimeo.