gfmam2020The GFMAM met during the last week of June via the web during a series of late night meetings for our two delegates. Both of the AMCouncil representatives, Dave Daines and John Hardwick, attended the GFMAM online meetings from 7pm until midnight for 5 nights in a row. Thankyou to both Dave and John for their commitment and time in attending the GFMAM meetings on behalf of the AMCouncil. The Communique from the June 2020 meeting of the GFMAM can be accessed here.

The AMCouncil Liaison Commissioner, Peter Kohler, is the AM Council’s representative on the GFMAM project that is reviewing the GFMAM Maintenance Framework using a strict ISO/Standards type process. Peter is currently working to put together a team from the AMCouncil to undertake the requested review with comments to be submitted back to GFMAM by mid-August. Thankyou to Peter for his time and efforts in contributing to this GFMAM project on behalf of the AMCouncil.