call for eoiThe AM Council is seeking expressions of interest from its membership for suitably experienced persons to join an enthusiastic team to review both ISO55000:2014 & ISO55001:2014.  Comments received from this review will be submitted via MB-19 (Australian Mirror committee for TC251) to TC251. Comments are intended to provide guidance to whether either standard requires change.

The Task

Review, collaborate and recommend whether ISO55000:2014 or ISO55001:2014 should be changed. This entails a review of each standard, section by section and advise where you think there should be changes and if so propose an alternative. Consensus for any recommended change will required by the team as a whole.

Martin Kerr, is currently the AM Council TC251 representative and manager of this project.  Martin will provide guidance on how the document is to be reviewed and templates to be used during the first kick-off meeting.  A team kick off meeting proposed 23rd September 19:00 AEST with ongoing web-based meetings as required during the 4 week project with a final meeting prior to the 29th of October.

The Commitment
You would need to have time late September through mid-October to commit approx. 10 hours volunteer effort in out of work hours evenings commencing 23rd September July and finishing 29th October.

The document review is to be completed and submitted to MB-19 by the 30th of October 2020.

The Reviewer

To be considered you would need to have:

  • At least 5 years’ experience in Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Hold personal certification with the AMCouncil (CAAM, CPAM, CSAM, CFAM) or CAMA qualification with WPiAM
  • Have access to a copy of ISO5500:2014 and/or ISO55001:2014 (We cannot distribute the standard as it is a licensed document)

How to apply

Please email your interest to and include a copy of your CV.

Applications close Friday 18th September 5pm AEST.
Enquiries: 03 9819 2515