Our Perth Chapter kicked off their 2021 schedule of events with an in depth look at asset management from Water Corporation's perspective. First at the lecturn were Jakob Verhoef (Principal In Service Assets Regional) and John Nazimek (Principal In Service Assets Metro) who shared how Water Corporation is improving their understanding of risk across a wide range of assets. They explained how Water Corporation is using data to prioritise asset renewals and shared their journey developing Asset Class Management Plans.

This was followed with a presentation by Dr Janet Ham (Senior Principal Asset Management System) who provided some examples of the different decision support tools that Water Corporation uses. Janet detailed that the various tools all have differing levels of complexity, but at their core they all align with the asset management principle of balancing cost, risk and performance. Janet showed how the tools don't have to be a 'black box' and can help identify what information is important to improve decision making.

You can view the presentations shared during the session at the following links: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

Check out some snaps below taken during the event: