Collaboration, micro-learning and a strategic approach to maintenance management

 Join the Asset Management Council Brisbane Chapter for a presentation on collaboration and micro-learning in a digital environment, and adopting and implementing a strategic outlook towards maintenance management.

Date: Thursday, 15 July 2021
Time: 4pm (for 4:30pm start)  - 6pm
Place: Engineers Australia Auditorium, Level 9, 340 Adelaide Street, Brisbane
Cost: FREE for AMCouncil and EA Members, otherwise $30
Earn: 1.5 CPD points


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 Collaboration and micro-learning in a digital environment:

The past year has seen businesses across the globe embrace the world of videoconferencing and online collaboration at previously unseen levels. Join Tony Archer, Director at NUVO-AM and David Jenkins, Principal at Tri Helix Group, as they discuss how they are leveraging the online working environment to improve collaboration, communication and training in asset management.

For this presentation, Tony will demonstrate an online visual communication and collaboration platform to bring cross-functional teams together, anytime, anywhere.

Tony will be joined by David, who will present on utilising “micro-learning” to simplify training delivery. David and Tony were inspired by the micro-learning ‘Duolingo’ language app and have adopted this philosophy to asset management. Micro-learning removes the need for organisations to create huge, hour-long training modules – instead, organisations start by creating a knowledge map of their training content. Through this approach, organisations simply engage their learners to eliminate knowledge gaps.


Maintenance management: A strategic perspective:

Historically, maintenance practices have been driven by a combination of the tacit knowledge and judgement of experienced practitioners and the expertise of equipment manufacturers. This has culminated in the development of established forms of documentation such as operations and maintenance manuals and inspection and testing plans.

However, there is benefit in "stepping back" and adopting and implementing a strategic outlook towards maintenance management. Join Chris Millard, SAP EAM Senior Consultant at AssetOn, as he takes a step back and explores:

  • Managers who are “stuck in the now”
  • Strategies to engage staff in understanding the benefits of asset management
  • Operational readiness
  • Techniques for conducting effective meetings
  • What a “good asset management consultant” looks like.


About the Speakers:


Tony Archer, Director, NUVO-AM

Tony is a conscientious, outcome-driven professional with a comprehensive background within the consulting, asset management, oil and gas, mining, and aviation industries. His areas of expertise include business analysis, performance management, strategic planning, risk management, process improvements, profitability, team leadership, business development, regulatory compliance, governance, ISO 55001, and client relationship management.


David Jenkins, Principal, Tri Helix Group

David is the Principal of the Tri Helix Group, a niche consultancy practice that specialises in helping to solve today’s unique problems by enabling teams and leaders to have successful, productive and meaningful collaboration virtually. David has facilitated hundreds of workshops, for Australian and global businesses with diverse organisations over multiple locations. David has published several books on leadership and project success and lectures an engineering masters program on stakeholder engagement.


Chris Millard, SAP EAM Senior Consultant, AssetOn

Chris is an asset management consultant with over 30 years of varied industry maintenance experience. He has a wide variety of industry education which includes aviation trade, a maintenance management university qualification, and diplomas in business and project management. Chris has worked in military aviation, mining, utilities, refineries, agriculture and gas. He has spent the last 10+ years contracting in a multitude of roles, around Australia and overseas, to gain further experiences to continue honing and expanding his consultancy skill set.



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