Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management is providing efficiencies through better information in real time and expediating the data analysis and reporting processes. Join the AMCouncil Perth Chapter to hear from four presenters who will provide insights in the practical application of artificial intelligence techniques and tools.

Date: Wednesday, 25 August 2021
Time: 5pm (for 5.30pm start) - 8pm
Place: Arup Exchange Plaza, Level 14 Exchange Tower, 2 The Esplanade, Perth
Cost: $15 for AMCouncil, otherwise $25
Earn: 3 CPD points


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Presentation 1: Bentley Asset Management Systems

Embarking on a digital transformation journey is a challenge.  Digital twins are new to infrastructure and there is some ambiguity around definitions and terminology.  However, the outcomes that digital twins can deliver are worth the investment – connecting the virtual/digital world of design engineering with the real world of operations can reduces maintenance activities and forced outages while increasing asset availability.

Organizations that want to create digital twin solutions must craft a roadmap that takes advantage of accessible opportunities today while providing space for adaptation in the face of future changes.

In this presentation, we discuss practical application of digital twins and how they can improve the connectedness of assets, processes and people in plant operations and maintenance to enable informed, effective, and efficient decision making.

Reza Esmaeili, Senior Asset Performance Consultant, Bentley Systems Company

Reza Esmaeili, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, has more than 10 years of practical expertise in Asset Management, reliability, managing maintenance decisions, and designing & implementation of comprehensive asset management and reliability engineering solutions in Mining, Oil & Gas, and Utilities in Australia, South East Asia, Europe, North America, and Middle East.

Reza has in-depth knowledge of Asset Management, Reliability, and a very broad understanding of the Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution and the enabling software solutions and technologies used to support digital transformation in operations and enabling "Digital" Asset Management.


Presentation 2: Rapid ROI realisation using VROC's automated AI platform

Trevor will provide an capability overview of VROC's automated ML platform can be rapidly deployed on an entire facility with a track record of providing a rapid ROI to the asset owners in an environment of OPEX cost minimisation. The platform features allow simple to highly complex modelling to be done by stakeholders to monitor, predict and optimise their asset performance using dynamic dashboards.

Trevor Bloch, CEO, VROC

Founder and CEO of VROC, Trevor Bloch is able to combine his extensive experience working in traditional consulting engineering and tech startups to provide the company with the vision it needs to succeed in this new field of industrial information technology. A determined leader, Trevor is always looking for ways in which VROC can push the envelope and deliver their clients results that far exceed their expectations.



Presentation 3: Pipe Defect Detection using Computer Vision

GHD has developed an AI assisted detection tool for identifying sewer pipe defects based on video data. A neural network based AI was trained and tested on identifying pipe defects using human expertise and trained models. Peter will present at the AMC event the achievable accuracies and a brief comparison with other AI assisted defect detection tools.

Peter Lo, Solution Architect, GHD Digital

Peter Lo is part of the Digital Intelligence team in GHD Digital that focuses on applying advance analytics and spatial sciences to help clients improve business operations. Peter has experience in infrastructure asset management using the ISO550xx AM standards and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) Infrastructure Asset Management standards (IIMM, IIFMM).



Presentation 4: Integrated Simulation & Optimisation

The need to anticipate the impact of climate change and environmental factors on asset performance is an incredibly complex and time-consuming task. It can take teams of PhD-level specialists months just to calibrate and validate one dimension of climate risk.

Sentient Hubs offer scientists and service providers a highly-automated modelling and simulation environment. BYO model, or leverage a growing library of inter-connected models. Daisy-Chain everything from Excel, to Machine Learning, and Multi-Physics Climate Models on-demand. Interactively flex variables and visualise changes to assumptions across infrastructure, operations, and dynamic external factors.

David Lucido, Managing Director, Sentient Hubs

David founded Sentient Hubs in 2017 following the acquisition of world-class science and technology from the University of Western Australia. David’s vision is to improve outcomes by addressing complex multi-dimensional problems through collaboration. Sentient Hubs address the need to accurately model and account for the cumulative and cascading impacts of decisions across economic, environmental, and social dimensions.




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