Thursday 26 August saw the Brisbane chapter host an online Technical session with a theme of Asset Management in Local Councils. Ashish Shah, Lead Engineer, Strategic Asset Management Transport from Brisbane City. Ashish provided an interesting insight into how materials were recycled within the Road Network Maintenance and renewal activities on maintaining the integrity of BCC road network.

Chris Campbell,  Executive Co-ordinator Strategic Asset Management, City of Gold Coast, highlighted some current challenges in local government around Data management and how Asset Management can enable changes in asset performance and financial sustainability, Chris also suggested the need for Councils to build partnerships with other organisations to drive value across an organisation.

You can rewatch the recorded presentations and download the slides from the following links: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

Road Asset Management - Innovation, Sustainability & Circular Economy

Asset Management in Local Government is more than Roads, Rates & Rubbush