Asset Management Approaches in Rail Infrastructure

With the expansion of rail infrastructure in Western Australia, effective asset management will become a focus for the industry. Join the AMCouncil Perth Chapter for some insights into applying an asset management approach during delivery and operation of rail infrastructure.

The event will conclude with a panel session to further discuss the presentation themes.

Date: Thursday, 2 December 2021
Time: 5pm (for 5.30pm start) - 7.30pm
Place: Engineers Australia Auditorium, 712 Murray Street, West Perth
Cost: $15 for AMCouncil & EA members, otherwise $25
Earn: 2 CPD points


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Presentation 1: Wall slinging projects: Is safety in design the asset managers missed opportunity?

Projects that are delivered without notice – how many are plagued with issues that are there for the life of the asset, or down to the maintenance teams to fix – have we heard this before?  Are asset managers really leveraging opportunities through a legislative requirement – Safety in Design?

And is safety in design really of value or is it a case of lip service to legislation? This brief presentation will take you through some of the failings, opportunities and traps of safety in design from a rail perspective, adding to the asset managers toolkit to drive inputs for project success across the asset life.

Keith Chidley, Account Manager, Project Manager, Project Director, WSP Australia Pty Ltd

Reza Esmaeili, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, has more than 10 years of practical expertise in Asset Management, reliability, managing maintenance decisions, and designing & implementation of comprehensive asset management and reliability engineering solutions in Mining, Oil & Gas, and Utilities in Australia, South East Asia, Europe, North America, and Middle East.

Reza has in-depth knowledge of Asset Management, Reliability, and a very broad understanding of the Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution and the enabling software solutions and technologies used to support digital transformation in operations and enabling "Digital" Asset Management.


Presentation 2: Was Lord Cullen right (Piper Alpha Inquiry 1989)? All loss of asset availability or delays are evidence of management failures

In Singapore between 2015 and 1018 SBS Transit set about establishing internal processes and systems with the intent of ensuring that there would never be a delay over 5 minutes on their Mass Transit Lines.

They have gone from having about 20 per year to only one or two in each of the past four years with proactive risk identification and mitigation at the core of both the Asset Management and Operations Management Systems.

This talk will explain the key steps and learnings from that journey.

Simon Lane, Director, Rail Advisory Service Pty Ltd

Simon has extensive international experience in the leadership, operation and development of metropolitan railways in the UK and Australasia over 40 years

Working in Chief Officer roles, Simon has been successful in leading complex, high frequency rail operations including head of Melbourne and Sydney's systems, including leading the development and delivery of the Sydney Olympic Rail task and heading up the start-up of driverless Mass Transit Systems in Singapore.

Under his leadership, the SBST operations in Singapore achieved industry-leading performance and reliability whilst also undergoing significant expansion and ridership growth. 


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