Following voting for the positions of all Brisbane Chapter positions, the Brisbane Chapter is delighted to confirm that:

  • Sparshy Rablin has been elected as Brisbane Chapter Chair; and
  • Stephen Walker has been elected as Brisbane Chapter Vice Chair

The Asset Management Council would like to extend its sincere thanks to Keith Paintin and Peter Pennell, outgoing Brisbane Chapter Chair and Vice-Chair respectively, for all their time and effort over the last two years. We are delighted that both Keith and Peter will stay on in the Committee as general members. 

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Greg Hugo, who joins all the 2021 existing committee members who have been rolled over to the new committee.

The current 2022 Brisbane Chapter Committee is as follows:

  1. Sparshy Rablin (Chair)
  2. Stephen Walker (Vice Chair)
  3. Ella Hingston (Secretary)
  4. Chris Armstrong
  5. Ken Chapman
  6. Caroline Elms
  7. Greg Hugo
  8. Lalyn Masangcay
  9. Keith Paintin
  10. Peter Pennell
  11. Edwin Salazar
  12. Mick Windsor

If you are wanting to get in touch with the Brisbane chapter, please drop them a line to: 

Meet the new Brisbane Chapter Chair - Sparshy Rablin

Sparshy is an experienced professional with 12 years of experience working with executive-level stakeholders in major organizations to provide thought leadership and advisory services to enable business innovation. Over the years, she has worked in different industries like oil and gas, utilities, government and health across India, Scotland and Australia helping companies build strategies and create efficiencies within their business. 

Her expertise lies at the intersection of assets, data and technologies. She not only works with clients on engagements that create alignments with ISO55000, creating the foundational pillars for an effective asset management framework but also on embedding technology-driven improvements to create efficiencies through digitisation. These improvements are often related to providing advice on rationalizing technologies, managing asset information and building asset information strategies and creating custom platforms for asset management processes like determining asset criticality and making facility sustainability decisions.

As a part of her day job, Sparshy works with KPMG Australia. As a part of their Infrastructure, Assets & Places team, she works with clients across state and local government, transport, education and health to build an approach to creating and implementing sustainable strategies for their asset portfolio that are aligned with their service delivery outcomes directed at both, their organizational stakeholders and community. She also works with them to uncover their business needs and drivers and create frameworks to sustain targeted and justified investments.

“I am grateful to take on the Chapter Chair role and hope I can meet the expectations of the wonderful Committee and the membership at large. Easing of COVID restrictions around the state has opened up more opportunities for face to face interactions. We have some exciting events lined up for the Brisbane chapter – social networking events, though leadership series, fireside chats and interactive workshops on burning asset management topics so stay tuned!”