Perth July 18 06Last week's Perth mining event was so well-attended, the chapter ended up upgrading to a bigger venue in the Deloitte building to accomodate the popularity! A quick AGM resulted in Anselm Boehl being re-elected as Perth Chapter Chair for another season, and we also welcome Michael Patterson to the general WA Committee. Also on the agenda were great presentations, great engagement, and great food and drinks. Read on for further details.

First up was Indrasen Naidoo, Director Supply Chain for Roy Hill who walked us through the Roy Hill transformation journey. He reframed our thinking on how we support asset availability and reliability within a digital supply system with this insightful Roy Hill case study. Among the highlights were the case for change with Roy Hill's Integrated Operating Model, an adoption of a systems thinking approach, culture and mindset (i.e. leadership maturity for a digital transformation journey), shifting beyond one's ERP systems of record toward systems of diffentiation and exploring Industry 4.0 principles in an MRO supply chain. Very informative.

Next was Perth Chapter Committee's very own Felicia Tristanto, Director Deloitte Consulting, who hoped that the audience would walk away from her presentation armed with curiosity and equipped with knowledge to start their learning and application journey in the space of Maintenance. With the current hype in Digital Transformation, Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning, Felicia did a good job of dissecting what they are all, debunking the myth and explaining the practical application in the maintenace field.

You can view Felicia's presentation shared at the session using the following link: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

And also, check out some happy snaps from last week's event below:

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