qldamcThe Brisbane Chapter held a planning session on the 25th October to identify the topics for the technical sessions that will be held in 2019. This session was a lively interactive session with 15 participants. They took a fresh look at the technical sessions, with a view as to what was wanted from the sessions, what specific subjects rewash were of interest and what site visits might appeal to the members.

There were also a few ideas generated where the sessions could include some different formats and approaches to the formal presentation style events, this raised some interesting discussions and is something the committee will look into going forward. From the ideas that were generated, the session for 2019 looks exciting and will be formalised in the next month or two. If anyone has any further ideas or suggestions for the Brisbane chapter events that they would like to see in 2019 please contact Brisbane Chapter Chair, Keith Paintin (keith.paintin@amcouncil.com.au)

In the meantime, Brisbane is looking forward to their next technical session, Aerospace and Asset Management to be held at Jacobs on Wednesday, 21 November, 2018. Registrations now open and further details can be found here.