Canberra 21 Feb 19 1Canberra chapter held a combined presentation and AGM on the evening of 21st February, with a total attendance of 16 members. Many thanks to Engineers Australia staff, who, as usual prepared the venue by separating a reception/catering area, and arranging seating and presentation aids in the auditorium.

The draw card was the presentation by Rebecca Beasley who explained, in easy to understand language, and with visual examples, the mysteries of Bayesian statistics, and how they can be practically applied to situations which involve testing a sample population for pass/fail states.

The presentation was followed by a review of 2018 chapter activities, and proposed activities for 2019, then election of committee members. Election results are as follows:

  • Chair: Mike Schulzer
  • Deputy Chair: Ryan Chenery
  • Secretary: Brett Morrison
  • Committee Member: Alex Wilson

Alex is new to the committee, and we are very pleased to welcome her on board.

Canberra 21 Feb 19 1

          Canberra 21 Feb 19 2