IMG 0074Sydney Chapter has thrown back to a meeting format from the 1990’s in its June meeting to take on “Bring a Problem’ night. With one very large complex problem presented from the team at John Holland Group asking the question, ‘How does an organisation that covers a large regional footprint with complex assets (e.g., Large Utility etc) best engage the large asset delivery workforce to ensure ownership of the desired outcomes?’ See the problem submitted in visual format here.


A very keen and engaged group of Asset Management practitioners brought their minds together during the meeting to discuss this issue. Firstly synthesising the problem into a concise problem statement so that all were speaking the same language and had a base understanding of this issue then launched into an excellent facilitated discussion by Richard Arthur and Stephen Poropat to state to frame up how such a large issue could be tackled. All agreed that a framework based on the ISO 55000 standard series was a great place to start to help a large organisation frame up a business model enabling an approach to managing a business problem so large.

All agreed though that a model, frameworks, policies, procedures and their integration to enable an aligned outcome to be achieved from an organisation is difficult to implement without appropriate leadership setting the right business culture and being visibly leading and communicating the required culture to all staff to achieve the enterprises outcomes. In the end all agreed getting the business culture right trumps a business framework every time you try and organise a business to be aligned, however a business framework then enables the continual improvement of that culture.

Overall, a thought provoking, collaborative discussion with the Chapter group – who all agreed that an hour and a half was not long enough to solve this problem – but all decided that it’s a very worthy conversation to continue. I certainly encourage all to take this up with the networks formed on the night.

Key Takeaways: Asset Manageent ISO55000 standards, Clear and visible Leadership, Culture setting, Communication, Asset Management Systems and their corresponding frameworks, The power of debate and discussion, Collaborative discussion to tackle complex problems

Check out some photos taken at the session below:


IMG 0074

Sydney 19 June 1

Sydney 19 June 2

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