20190717 232341The AMCouncil Brisbane Chapter's Legacy Way field trip was a great experience, with all attendees saying they enjoyed the opportunity to see behind the scenes and experience a real life maintenance shutdown.

The group were immersed into a monthly maintenance shutdown of the Transurban managed Legacy Way East Tunnel, starting with the safety based alcohol breath test, toolbox briefing. They then boarded the coach to view many of the assets Transurban manage as part of operating the tunnel and road network. The water treatment plant, road surfaces, electrical, ventilation and fire systems were all included from an Asset Management perspective. Inspections, preventive maintenance or repairs formed the basis of work for the work teams.

The group experienced the testing of the fire water deluge system, resulting in a very clean coach with one leak found on one of the coach windows leaking onto the seat. Transurban have a well structured maintenance management system and approach to managing the assets they manage within optimal cost and service delivery measures. They use asset health and condition monitoring information to influence asset replace, repair and investment decisions.

Thanks to Transurban and all who organised this fascinating site visit, and to all who stayed up to the early hours of the morning to participate in the tour. We hope you are feeling well rested now. Please enjoy some of the photos taken during the field trip below.


20190717 232341

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Tunnel 2

Tunnel 3

Tunnel 4