JulianGreat presentations in our Melbourne session last Thursday as Sean Reeves spoke to intelligent asset management and how asset management is more than just data collection. 

ISO 55001 outlines the requirements for asset information in an asset management system. “The organisation shall determine its information requirements to support its assets, asset management, asset management system and the achievement of its organisational objectives……”

Many organisations are caught up in the data conundrum that is the current flavour of the month. Unfortunately, often they don’t have a plan that integrates the data and information they gather with their broader asset management and organisational objectives.

Sean asked us to reflect on our organisation's information management to ask ourselves if they are:

  • Aligned with corporate risk appetites?
  • Considering the various stakeholders - from providers and users of the information?
  • Supporting the level of service required?
  • Outlining data and information quality expectations?
  • Following a strategy for asset information?
  • Including both financial and technical expectations?

Next us was Department of Transport's, Nalinda Punchihewa, who focused his presentation on Asset Management within intelligent transport systems (ITS) and the various strategies associated with it, including some links between ITS operation and Transport Futures.


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Also, check out a couple of pics below taken during the event:

Sean Reeves