IMG 20190919 175625Thursday 19th September saw the Brisbane AMCouncil chapter hold an Asset Management Plan workshop event. In this interactive workshop session, over 50 attendees had the opportunity to look at development of, use and contents of an Asset Management Plan from several perspectives:

  • Stakeholder and Objectives;
  • Current Status;
  • Future Status;
  • Funding;
  • Data and Information;
  • and Communications.

The AMCouncil committee members of Keith Paintin, Ella Hingston, Stephen Walker, Lalyn Bartram supported by John Wilson and Sparshy Saxena provided the facilitation of each table as the members rotated through each perspective during the evening. The members were also asked to consider a consistent three aspects in each session, which were:

  • What are the barriers?
  • How can these be overcome?
  • Why would we need this information in the plan?

The session generated a significant number of ideas and thoughts. One common theme that came out of the sessions was that despite the different industries and sectors, many of the issues that organisations face are similar, so sharing problems in forums like this can be beneficial to all concerned. 

Check out a couple of photos taken at the workshop below:

IMG 20190919 175625

IMG 20190919 181505

IMG 20190919 183001