IMG 0009Deeksha Sumanth the NSW Women in Asset management Representative (WiAM)  ran a WiAM led event for the Sydney Chapter on the 17 October 2019. A very well attended event with an expert panel discussing ‘What does an Asset management Leader look like?’ Deeksha described the WiAM interest group and certainly encouraged further participation form Sydney’s attending members.

The Panel consisting of Tammy Falconer – KPMG, Lucie Mitchell – Sydney Trains, Susanne Johnson – NSW Dept. of Planning, Industry and Environment and Stephen Renshaw – TransGrid gave an excellent overview of what modern leadership is like utilising Asset Management systems and ways of thinking to not only provide leadership but also to provide contextual line of sight enabling real business value to be extracted. They also discussed some of the pitfalls for new leaders, what does good AM leadership look like, how to influence executives and how to improve and leverage team AM capabilities.

An excellent discussion was had between members and the panel with good leadership insights drawn out to be taken away and utilised back within members own businesses.

Key takeaways included:

Leadership, Fundamentals of ISO 55000 – Value, Alignment, Leadership, Assurance, Tangible Benefits of implementing Asset Management systems and practices, Teamwork, Collaboration, Influencing

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