3A great turn out to the Perth Chapter event last week and a tremendous amount of support for up and coming young asset management practitioners (YAMP) into the industry. Thanks to Work Management Solutions for sponsoring the event, and a special mention to the following YAMP contributors who shared their industry experiences and challenges within asset management to date from a personal perspective: Ugur Azak; Abei Ding; Jorge Preciado; Mitchell Khaw; and Elizabeth White.

Discussed by the panel was:

  • the importance of influences such as technology and standards;
  • the non-engineering supply chain specialist had an interesting perspective and emphasised the importance of finance, human resources, people behaviour, risk, supply chain management (holistic view, not just limited to one organisation), diversity and social responsibility;
  • training requirements;
  • embracing the challenges and employing a systematic approach to problem solving; 
  • a green approach (considering the effect of activities on the environment);
  • the use of technology to provide real-time condition monitoring;
  • augmented reality (to provide instructions for maintenance/service technicians);
  • the importance of software solutions;
  • knowing sharing;
  • technology as an extension of minds;
  • the use of social media and communication tools between team members;
  • to lean by relfection, humans tend to focus on the negative;
  • soft and hard skills;
  • a fresh mindset and desire to learn, a new perspective;
  • development of transferrable skill sets
  • a willingness to adapt and innovating thinking;
  • being tech savvy;
  • interactive bar graphs where the audience provided their feedback in real-time on the importance of key enablers.

The session ended with a summary of what the WA chapter of the AMCouncil had been up to in 2019 and then a fun quiz centred around asset management and ISO55001 whichis run at the end of each year. The winer of this year's Asset Management WA Guru of the year goes to Matthew Wood from SSG Insight. Well done, Matthew!

You can view the presentation shared during the session at the following link: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

A young practitioner's perspective of the importance of asset management



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AMC quiz winner 2019