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Sydney Chapter kicked off 2020 with its Annual General Meeting at Ausgrid 24-28 Campbell St, Sydney, followed by a presentation from Martin Kerr on ISO 55010: Asset Management – Guidance on the Alignment of Financial and Non-Financial Functions in Asset Management.


It was a well-attended event, 36 members registered which resulted in 29 attending members participating and supporting the evenings AGM proceedings. There were some changes to the Sydney Chapter Committee with the following committee members being selected: 

  • David Wilkinson (elected as continuing Chapter Chair for 2020)
  • Samiha Najem (elected as Secretary for 2020)
  • Myles Gatherer (elected as committee member)
  • Klaus Herrmann (elected as committee member)
  • Bhagya Shankar (elected as committee member)

Richard Arthur will continue as Deputy Chair. Stephen Poropat and Imtiaz Chowdhury will continue as Committee Members.

The Sydney Chapter Committee thanks outgoing committee members – Glenn Hopkins, Mark Ragusa and Lucio Favotto for their time and commitment to the chapter!

Please note: Sydney Chapter is seeking a representative for the NSW WiAM special interest group. If you are interested please contact David Wilkinson via ‘’ and he will put you in contact with Lucie Mitchell our WiAM lead.

Martin provided an energised discussion on the role of ISO 55010 and how it provides benefits of alignment between the financial and technical aspects of Asset Management. Clarity was provided to the attending members of how this specification assists to help for process, leadership and governance, policy and strategy, data and information, understanding around Financial and Asset registers as well as key decision making for insourcing, outsourcing and asset vs non-asset solution improvements.

Martin was peppered with many questions to assist members in their understanding on the topic and a practical path to consider the ISO specification in their respective businesses and change management processes.

We thankyou Martin for an engaging and informative presentation! You can view Martin's presentation at the following link: (Content available for members only. To see our affordable membership options, visit here).

- ISO55010: Asset Management - Guidance on the Alignment of Financial and Non-Financial Functions in Asset Management


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