NZ Chapter SMI write to inform you of certain important decisions taken at the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Chapter of the Asset Management Council Limited (AMCouncil) held via GotoMeeting on April 28 2020

The Chapter Committee was meant to hold the meetings in multiple sites linked remotely from Auckland but due to the disruptions of COVID-19 had to reschedule to a later date. 

Council Matters

Election of Chapter Committee Members
I am pleased to advise that Rex Harland has been elected as Chairperson, Andrew Gatland as Vice-Chairperson and Tracy Massam as Secretary. Under AMCouncil Constitution, terms of the Committee are for two years and their office will run to 31 March 2022.

The New Zealand Chapter affiliation with Asset Management Council
The committee took the opportunity to canvas members' thoughts on the New Zealand Chapter becoming an incorporated society and no longer affiliated with Asset Management Council Limited registered in Australia. Only one of the 10 votes suggested the Chapter should become independent.  


The Chapter was formed after it held it's first event on 28 May 2018 exactly 2 years ago when I was appointed as the interim Chair. At that time there was uncertainty of whether it was actually possible as New Zealand members were already part of the International Chapter since 2011 with only 3 Corporate and 8 Individual members.

Two years later In 2020, there are 5 Corporate and 18 Individual members, and with a few more nominees assigned by Corporate members based in Australia.  

There is no doubt the success of this Chapter is as the result of the members' contributions of hard work and time freely given over the last few years to promote the chapter, help organise and attend these events. 

There are too many involved to name individuals but I am sure all of you will continue to support the new committee and AMCouncil goals.

With warm regards,

Raymond Tan