Sydney V ChatThere’s no need to feel isolated during #shutdown.

Recently, our Sydney Chapter met for the first V-Chat. What’s a V-Chat, you may well ask? A virtual hook-up for asset management members to connect and network, and keep their asset management brain ticking over. Toby Horstead led an informal session discussing the NSW Stimulus package.

The NSW Government’s $10 billion stimulus package is designed to provide much-needed support in this time where we see many businesses struggling to keep the shingle swinging over the door, and individuals feeling stranded while working from home. The package includes:

  • $700 million for medical equipment
  • $100 million to fast-track infrastructure
  • $500 million for capital investment

$250 million for maintenance and repairs to existing infrastructure1

Our Sydney Chapter members discussed the stimulus and the questions it raises from an asset management perspective. Here’s a few that were deliberated over:

  • Is the stimulus money hitting the right spot?
  • Can we be better prepared in the future?
  • Can we sustain new medical assets once the pandemic is over?
  • Can we afford new assets?
  • What levels of maintenance and repair are considered necessary?

If you’re interested discussing responses to questions like these, or just seek to provoke your AM brain and connect with other members even while working from home, the Asset Management Council has the platform for you to do so. Learn more about how to connect to a V-Chat across our nation-wide chapters by contacting

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