It is encouraging to see the increasing diversity within the Western Australia (WA) Chapter and the Committee and to see the membership growing as the business value of best practice asset management gains traction in WA. The 2011 Committee was appointed during the 6 May 2011 AGM and is led by Andrew Morgan.

While many of the Committee members carry on from previous years we also welcome new members who have increased the range of industries represented to include power, transport, education, resources, oil and gas, defence, and management and engineering consultancies. Thank you for your contribution to the WA Chapter as we continue to grow and continue to keep the WA Chapter’s activities aligned with our member’s needs and values.

The WA Chapter continues to build upon and continually adapt the popular technical program to meet the needs and interests of the Chapter’s membership. Our last event focused on Reliability Engineering Competency Standards and was combined with the AGM. The event sparked robust discussion at the social gathering afterwards. The program is led by Ian Thompson who is taking a broad view this year focusing on both technical and organisational themes. All members of the WA Chapter are welcomed to contribute to the program whether it be contributing ideas for future events, presenting at events or assisting to organise and run events on the day. Pencil in the end of July (date TBC) for the next exciting episode – the theme will be focused on facilitation, mentoring, business case preparation and presentation skills!

Dale Whelan and Keith Chidley are developing the Chapter’s membership base as a whole and would welcome comments, ideas and support on defining the needs and interests of current and potential members, both personal and corporate. A major focus of the Committee is to improve the value delivered to regional members and we continue to explore all means possible to expand our reach to members who do not live in Perth.