Sydney chapter meeting1Recently, the Sydney Chapter Committee joined Sally Nugent and Eva Wispereit from AM Council National office to inspect the facilities at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park for AMPEAK 2015.

Many ideas were thrown around to transform what is essentially a blank canvas into a dynamic, engaging and comfortable space. With the experience provided by Frank and Paul from ProShow Productions, who have been engaged on a number of previous AM Council Conferences, I’m confident we’ll get a fantastic result.

Following on from the site inspection, we moved to the Novotel with additional members of the Sydney Chapter, where we had the pleasure of listening to two great topics:

  • Becoming an ISO55001 Assessor/Auditor (Sally Nugent - Asset Management Council)
  • Future scenario’s in the Electric Distribution business; Scenario planning and signposting (Tony Saker and Ed deVroedt - UMS Group)

What I found informative about the ISO55001 presentation, is that the Asset Management Council is about to sign up to a worldwide joint venture with a number of other international asset management bodies, delivering the first certification for asset management assessors. It is really pleasing to see how engaged and proactive the AM Council is in the international asset management community. Now there is a clear pathway for Australian companies and individuals interested in pursuing formal certification assessing compliance to ISO55001.Sydney chapter meeting2

The presentation about disruptive technologies in the power industry presented scenarios that are both exciting and confronting. New technology in local power generation and storage is redefining the way in which the power industry will operate in the 21st century. At some point in the not-so-distant future, the generation and distribution business models may become unsustainable, putting in jeopardy the existing and future investments in distributed power infrastructure. Understanding this and transitioning from the current to future state without major disruption to the customer is the challenge of both governments and private enterprise.

In upcoming events: the Sydney Chapter is hosting the National Symposium: Transforming Your Outcomes through Asset Management, A Focus on Government and Infrastructure on Friday 21st November. For more information and to register, click here.

-- Paul Stanford, Deputy Chapter Chair, Sydney Chapter