2017 07 brisbane chapterThe recent Brisbane Chapter Seminar was held on the 12th July, 2007. The 50+ strong audience were informed about managing assets within a constrained environment based around the water industry. The event was chaired by Ken Chapman and we heard from three engaging speaker’s: Mick Drews, Program Manager from SeqWater; Marc Avery, Executive Coordinator Asset Investment Planning from Gold Coast Water and Waste; and Keith Paintin, Engineering Asset Management Technical Leader from Jacobs.

Mick’s informative presentation considered the challenges in planning for long term supply security when different parts of the region can be suffering from flooding and water restrictions at the same time. Mick also highlighted the work that was being done to engage with the customer and garner their thoughts and views on SeqWater’s plans. Marc’s topic was focussing on prudency and efficiency which was entertaining. These two factors are crucial within asset management to demonstrate long term stewardship decision making. Keith’s focus was on customer expectations and regulatory developments from a UK perspective.

We also heard from Wendy McPate to promote the online webinar on Women in Asset Management (WiAM) which is due to be held on the 27th July, 2017. More details for this can be found here.

This session provided an insight into where Australian water regulation may go from a customer viewpoint and their increasing influence on Water industry activities. To conclude the event, there was an opportunity for the audience to engage with the speakers in an open forum panel discussion.