Covid-19 Support for Businesses and Works in NSW

Here are some links to information on COVID-19 support for businesses and workers in NSW that may be useful to the AM Council NSW members. 

We hope all are keeping safe and well.

RAID Technical Recordings - now available for all

The Asset Management Council in collaboration with Federation University Australia recently hosted two full days for the 2021 RAID event, featuring 28 technical presentations from students presenting on their latest research and findings. This was a free event for all guests, and as such all are now welcome to access the post event RAID page to watch the recorded sessions and download the presentations from the event. Click here to access the post event page.

Cyclone Seroja and its Devastation to Infrastructure

On April 11 and 12, Cyclone Seroja wreaked destruction off the coast of Western Australia. Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Karratha and Northampton were among the communities ravaged by the tropical cyclone.

Over 31,0001 people were without power as Seroja battered the coast. For almost two hours, residents cowered, finding protection where they could while the cyclone tore roofs off buildings, felled homes and community centres, ripped roads and jetties apart, leaving devastation in its wake. The region had last endured winds of up to 170km in 1956. Approximately 70% of buildings and property in Kalbarri were destroyed2. Water services were disrupted for over a week after the cyclone hit land, with damage to tanks and non-potable water supplies3. Damage to critical infrastructure by Cyclone Serajo can be related to a lack in building to cyclone standards, given the 50 year gap in ravaging storm4.

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Professional Engineers Registration to work on Class 2 Buildings

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From 1 July 2021, Civil,  Structural, Geotechnical, Electrical, Fire Safety and Mechanical Engineers working on class 2 buildings need to register to keep working.  Class 2 Buildings are typically multi-unit, multi-storey residential buildings where people live above and below each other. Here is a short explainer video. 

Becoming registered to work on class 2 buildings - Professional Engineers | NSW Fair Trading

Changes to the Design and Building Practitioners Act - Compliance from 1st July 2021

fta logoFrom 1 July 2021, Design and Building Practitioners working on class 2 buildings need to register under a new Compliance Declaration Scheme. Visit the website for more details and watch this short 5minute video to see how this applies to your situation. 

Becoming registered to work on class 2 buildings - Design and Building Practitioners | NSW Fair Trading