A special thank you to our volunteers

National Volunteer WeekUnsung heroes! Assets of the Asset Management Council! Whatever the description, there is no doubt that Asset Management Council volunteers are leaders of industry, who volunteer their time to enrich the services and products of the Asset Management Council, for the benefit of the greater asset management community. A heartfelt thank you from us here at the Asset Management Council to all of our wonderful volunteers on this National Volunteers Week.

Assets under pressure

PressureDue to the coronavirus pandemic, we are hearing much about repurposing of assets and businesses altering their usual production to fulfil an urgent need in the community. The Asset Management Council has published on our website a number of posts (click here and here for just two examples) that highlight fluidity in assets, as well as the ingenuity from leadership to quickly respond and adapt their business function.

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AM Throwback Monday

Throwback Mon

It's throwback Monday! Please enjoy this week's five asset management videos carefully selected for you:

  1. Data visualisation and analytics driving the reliability improvement of high voltage assets
  2. Delivering effective management of assets and change through the Authorised Engineering Organisation program and approach
  3. Engaging the board
  4. How to accelerate your career
  5. Reliability leadership enables asset management

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Data soars at homes around Australia

NBNWe are increasingly relying on digital connections. The infrastructure to support this in Australia is the National Broadband Network, better known as the NBN. Over the past three weeks the NBN has experienced an uptake in demand, as many individuals work from home, students access classes remotely, and those who’ve lost jobs seek solace in watch movies through various streaming apps.

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