AMPEAK 2018 Hobart Call for Papers

2018 ampeak bannerWe would like to invite professionals, students and organisations from asset intensive industries and academia to apply to present their asset management technical and research developments at AMPEAK18 Asset Management Conference 2018

Abstract submissions close 30th November 2017

AMPEAK18 theme is “Asset Management – empowering sustainable change”

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Transforming for Success


It all started with a leap of faith. Discover how South Australian Water transformed as an organisation by shifting to a partnership and value-chain approach for planning and delivering capital investment.


In an already transforming organisation, SA Water was reqruied to implement fast-paced, complex and dynamic cross-company change. It managed to translate its strategic asset investment plan into an optimised captial delivery strategy for the benefit of its more than 1.5 million customers. Learn more about SA Water's inspiring lessons in organisational change and improved asset management.


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Rethinking Renewal in Asset Management

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The driver for improvements in asset management has never been as demanding, and the challenges have never been greater. A new utilitsation model sets out to help asset managers around the world deal with ever greater complexity when it comes to managing asset renewal projects.

A new utilisation model is making it possible for asset managers to manage challenges such as increased energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, high reliability and fail-safe systems. By taking into account a range of tangible and intangible criteria, it is possible to optimise performance and tailor renewal projects according to specific needs and requirements of a given situation.

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Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

0914 BLOG 2 imageThere are many constraints that can get in the way of effective asset strategic planning. Discover how to better align asset and business planning priorities to deliver improved business performance outcomes.


The concepts behind 'total asset management' aren't new. But the degree to which they are effectively implemented can often leave something to be desired. With growing investment in infrastructure and public assets, asset managers are increasingly being required to carefully consider, manage and plan for the risks associated with their planning, design, operations, maintenance, upgrades and renewals, on a life cycle basis. But the question remains, how to best align these tasks with business outcomes?


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Facilities & Asset Management Round Table Discussion

Adoption of BIM (hosted by buildingSMART Australia)

Sydney Chapter Chair Steve Doran and AM Council Director Toby Horstead recently participated in a round table discussion hosted by the Board of buildingSmart Australia that opened with ‘what the challenges are for the adoption of building information modelling (BIM) within their industry’.  Also contributing to the discussions were representatives from the Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA), the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA), the Department of Defence and MasterSpec NZ.

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