AMIS Implementation Transformed EAM for Water Utility

Recently, a leading water utility in the Philippines engaged one of the Asset Management Council's Corporate Members (GHD) to develop and implement its first asset management information system (AMIS) strategy as part of its long term improvement and journey towards asset management maturity. The water utility services more than 6 million customers with water and wastewater services, and has actively taken part in global asset management benchmarking exercises, below is a summary on how our Corporate Member, GHD, helped the Phillippines ulitlity with its AMIS strategy.

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In-Depth Explanations of AM Models

If you are looking for more context and information about the Asset Management Council's models, we have recently published three videos that present in-depth explanations of each. Jim Kennedy, Michael Killeen, Gary Winsor, John Hardwick, and more take turns in describing the intricate aspects and layers within each model…

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Coaching Workshops

This year's AMPEAK Conference has multiple, innovative workshops for engineers, asset managers, and technical leaders.