Fluidity in Assets – 3D printers making respirator valves

3DIt will come as no surprise to our well-read members that Italy is now the country with the most cases of coronavirus; the deaths alone number over 80001. The pressure placed on the medical infrastructure and surrounding industries is beyond compare.

And so, the Asset Management Council brings you the fourth in our Fluidity in Assets series. This time we’re looking at an Italian-based engineering start-up that used 3D printers to create respirator valves.

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AM Throwback Monday

Throwback Mon

It's throwback Monday! Please enjoy this week's five asset management videos carefully selected for you:

  1. Rail maintenance - 3D asset management model
  2. PowerStream case study
  3. Asset management plans - less is more
  4. Hydro Ottawa's asset investment planning tool implementation
  5. OneAsset system integration and data visualisation framework

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AMF Live Online Interactive Sessions

marvin meyer SYTO3xs06fU unsplashThis training course run over two half-days from 9am until 1pm each day and delivered in a live interactive online setting, offers a thorough overview of asset management.

The purpose of this Asset Management Fundamentals program is to understand the fundamentals of asset management and how they can provide benefits to the organisation.

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Rules of Engagement


What do you think of rules?

You may be a rule-breaker, the type of person who scoffs at norms and wriggles out from under the sometimes suffocating demands of living life by engaging in standards set by faceless others. Or you might be one who delights in following rules. This way, you can better understand what lies ahead.

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First session success!


It might look a lot different to the way we planned it, but the Asset Management Council’s annual conference is off to a cracking start.

Ordinarily, a large conference room would be a-buzz with activity: voices, coffee machines whirring, and chairs scraping along the floor. This year, however, we all met in the comfort of our own homes to come together online to learn all about asset management.

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