Transport NSW powers ahead

tnswpowersaheadWith a great portion of Australia’s population advised to #stayhome, it is an easy leap to assume our roads and major arterials, as well as public transport systems around the capital cities, are quiet.

But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

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Couture brand makes surgical gowns

Surgical GownsThere are plenty of good news stories to rise out of this pandemic. Here at the Asset Management Council, we’ve been posting a number of articles that highlight the fluidity of assets, and the ingenuity of leadership to reconfigure products and services to meet the changing needs of the community.

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New purpose for manky mattresses


Those old mattresses that get placed kerbside for collection by your local council are finding a new purpose in their after-life.

Previously, the mattresses were shredded then dumped in landfill, with only the springs able to be repurposed. But now thanks to national social enterprise, Mattress Recycling Australia, all of the mattress will be recycled.

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AM Throwback Monday

Throwback Mon

It's throwback Monday! Please enjoy this week's five asset management videos carefully selected for you:

  1. Reliability-based feasibility study of asset renewal involving intangible factors
  2. System reliability modelling by considering uncertainty using system dynamics
  3. Asset management - defending the business
  4. Financial models for long term asset management planning
  5. Implementation framework for improved renewals planning

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Post-virus opportunities for asset management


This virus too shall pass.

And when it does, the implications for the Australian manufacturing industry are vast, according to Mr Nev Power, the recently appointed chair of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission1. The commission holds responsibility to advise the government on ways to mitigate and anticipate the risks arising from the virus. 

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