wilhelm gunkel L04Kczg Jvs unsplashMartin Kerr, is the AMCouncil's TC251 representative on the MB-19 (Australian Mirror committee for TC251) that is reviewing both ISO55000:2014 & ISO55001:2014.

Just over one month ago, we called for expressions of interest from our AMCouncil as to who would be interested in contributing to this project and were overwhelmed by the number of responses.

On behalf of the Asset Management Council and the Standards Australia mirror committee to ISO TC251 (MB-19), we would like to thank each and every person who engaged, collaborated and gave input over the past 5 weeks via the 4 virtual meetings.

It was a meticulous process and entailed a review of each standard, section by section, as each person advised whether they thought there should be changes and if so, proposed alternatives. Consensus for recommended change was decided by the team as a whole.

The final output was a submission a comments intended to provide guidance to whether either standard requires change.

We are now positioned 'again' to demonstrate to the global asset management community that the Asset Management Council member base are informed and have a wealth of experience.

We would particularly like to thank our team captians (Russell Black / ISO55000) and (Sean Reeves / ISO55001). Without them, we wouldn't be in the position we are today to submit our comments.

Martin looks forward to providing feedback to members post the November TC251 technical meeting.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following people for their contribution to this project on behalf of the AMCouncil and MB-19:

  • Alan Bellrose
  • Aleu Dekuek
  • Andrew Wheatley
  • Brian Smith
  • Chris Wong
  • Daniel Song
  • Devan Maruthapillay
  • Hal Belmonte
  • Jim Kennedy
  • Jude Fernando
  • Karthik Ganesan
  • Liz Topolcsanyi
  • Michael¬† Killeen
  • Nick Hastings
  • Peterson Asante
  • Raymond Tan
  • Russell Black
  • Sandy Dunn
  • Sean Reeves
  • Sen Vigneswaran
  • Shane Day
  • Steve Doran
  • Tammy Falconer
  • Tim Davies
  • Vladimir Kabanov