AMCouncil AMBoK Team Member, Martin Kerr, represented the Asset Management Council at the ISO TC251 (ISO5500x) committee meeting in Amersfoort, The Netherlands 22nd to 26th October 2018.    

TC251 is a technical committee (TC) that looks after the ISO55xxx suite of documents. The committee is made up of several working groups, one of which is looking at Product Development under the auspice of Working Group 4, WG4.

During 22nd and 26th October2018, WG4 focused on a product improvement management process. The goal of the process is to make it simple to introduce an improvement idea.  Its outcome will be a TC 251 product improvement roadmap.  This roadmap will help TC 251 better focus its limited resources on the highest benefit objectives.  The process is designed to improve strategic vision and collaboration helping members understand what products are being worked on when and by whom.  This will assist team members from around the world, especially small delegations and those who are not present and who have something to share but cannot be in many places at once.

WG4 also created the TC 251 knowledgebase and its terminology and definition handbook.  These two products are living documents and will grow in importance helping manage and improve the quality of the 550xx suite of products.  Additionally, WG4 advanced activities to improve the impact of TC 251 articles and case studies working with WG3 – the communications and marketing working group.  The objective of this activity is to better purpose articles and case studies supporting our need to gain insights and feedback from the communities we serve.  Finally, WG4 is developing plans to release a series of surveys targeting different user communities over the next year to gain additional insights on how collective efforts can be improved. 

Visit the TC251 website for more information.