The Victorian Government on 27th August passed legislation through parliament, announcing compulsory registration of engineers. It is expected to become law within a matter of weeks.

The Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 aims to promote best practice in professional engineering services1.  It will prevent, by law, any engineer from providing services unless they can provide evidence of registration. The bill will also ensure that engineers are held to a higher level of accountability within the industry.

Engineers Australia welcomes this Bill, noting it will result in greater safety of assets, as well as local community confidence. ‘Currently, consumers have no real way of knowing whether they are dealing with an engineer who is currently qualified…and if they maintain standards through ongoing professional development,’ said Ms Alesha Printz, Engineers Australia’s General Manger – Victoria2.

The compulsory registration applies to civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire-safety engineers within the state of Victoria. More comprehensive information will follow in the coming weeks.



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