It might look a lot different to the way we planned it, but the Asset Management Council’s annual conference is off to a cracking start.

Ordinarily, a large conference room would be a-buzz with activity: voices, coffee machines whirring, and chairs scraping along the floor. This year, however, we all met in the comfort of our own homes to come together online to learn all about asset management.

Our board chair, David Daines, welcomed us all from wherever we are in Australia and the world, before Ian Maxsted led us with opening remarks about expectations for our conference, and asset management in general.

The first speaker for the morning session, Monique Beedles, Director of Teak Yew, spoke of innovation within the asset management sector and linked her experience with the pharmaceutical industry: a sector where innovation is imperative, yet the level of risk must be reduced.

Jeffrey Roorda from SevenGen posed the question of how our actions and decisions now within asset management will be judged by future generations, giving us all pause for thought.

Mark Rippon from TasWater, the third speaker before morning tea, talked to us about the need to change the conversation around asset management. Too often industries and businesses leave asset management to departmental and thought silos. This only causes value to leak within the business.

Make sure you join AMSPEAK! With only one session down, there’s still plenty of good learnings on its way, as well as the remote networking opportunities.