If you are looking for more context and information about the Asset Management Council's models, we have recently published three videos that present in-depth explanations of each. Jim Kennedy, Michael Killeen, Gary Winsor, John Hardwick, and more take turns in describing the intricate aspects and layers within each model…

Below are links to each of the videos:

Asset Management Concept ModelAsset Management Concept Model - The Asset Management Concept Model documents the basis of asset management. The model’s intent is to serve as a conceptual framework from which the foundational elements of asset management can be identified, documented and implemented.

Asset Management System Model - A management system is a set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organisation to establish policies, objectives and processes to achieve organisational objectives. A management system can address a single discipline or several disciplines. The Asset Management System Model further demonstrates these theories. 

Asset Management Capability Delivery Model - The Capability Delivery Model schematically presents processes that may be used in part or entirety to deliver the stated outputs of the organisation. The processes are shown in six main disciplines:

1. Demand Management
2. Systems Engineering
3. Configuration Management
4. Acquisitions
5. Operations and Maintenance
6. Continuous Improvement

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