Recently, a leading water utility in the Philippines engaged one of the Asset Management Council's Corporate Members (GHD) to develop and implement its first asset management information system (AMIS) strategy as part of its long term improvement and journey towards asset management maturity. The water utility services more than 6 million customers with water and wastewater services, and has actively taken part in global asset management benchmarking exercises, below is a summary on how our Corporate Member, GHD, helped the Phillippines ulitlity with its AMIS strategy.

GHD's AMIS strategy and implementation relates to the information systems and implementation of improvements across the enterprise with specific focus on the impact of the systems on asset management decision making. The strategy evaluated a series of independent systems, which included SAP (Inclusive of Plant Maintenance, Finance, Project Systems, Materials Management, ISU Customer Meters), GIS, SCADA, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) systems, which makes it quite unique and one of its kind. The exercise was seen as a business transformation effort at the enterprise level, given most business processes across the organisation were impacted and re-mapped as a result. 

The strategy recommended that systems are integrated in order to achieve their full functional capabilities. A comprehensive system integration plan was subsequently developed, in order to help design and build the required integrations, with System and Functional Specifications written for each of some 34 identified integrations, involving 9 different systems, and active engagement of over 400 of the utility employees.

The two-year long project, saw significant long term savings for the utility (estimated in $millions), when compared to the full recovery costs of building and implementing an entirely new information system. In addition to the technical improvements, the project has resulted in a significant culture shift, signifying the role of Enterprise Asset Management, and a step change in the utility’s asset management maturity.

The project was led by GHD's Global Service Line Leader for Asset Management, Farshad Ibrahimi, from Australia, utilising dedicated resources from GHD's Centre of Capability Philippines, GHD in the UK, and SAP Specialist sub-consultants and System Integrators from around South East Asia.

The flavour of experience and capability brought to the utility by GHD, included:

• Over 3 decades of enterprise asset management maturity assessment,
• Depth of knowledge and involvement in the development of manuals such as the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM),
• Industry upskilling and capacity building, through development and delivery of competency based AM training (GHDs Graduate Certificate in Physical Asset Management) for over a decade.
• Understanding of AM standards, such as PAS55 & ISO 55000

For further Information on this project, please contact Farshad Ibrahimi, Global Service Line Leader, Asset Operations, Principal Consultant at

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