The State Water Total Asset Management Plan (TAMP) documents the background, principles, processes, information and outcomes of its total asset management strategy. The TAMP provides a strategic context for present and future decision-making on asset management, encompassing risk, financial, environmental, heritage, levels of service for water delivery and engineering issues.

Because of its holistic and strategic context, the TAMP has become a vital source of information and reference for all staff, customers and a wide range of stakeholders across government and commercial sectors. The TAMP has particular application in the deliberations of NSW Treasury and IPART when establishing full costs, efficient costs, sharing of costs between customers and government, and bulk water pricing. The TAMP has been a key link in State Water’s relationships with the Customer Services Committees representing the interests of water users. State Water continues to maintain a rigorous program of continuous improvement on its ‘Knowledge of Assets’ and total asset management processes in general. Click here to read more