The performance or service life prediction of building systems and their components is a very difficult and complex task. Though many technical papers related to  aterial and component durability have been published over the past two decades, they had a negligible impact on the development of an effective approach for forecasting refurbishment and renewal expenditure.

Though ISO presents a valuable methodology based on the factor method in the area of service life estimation, it requires considerable local knowledge about the degradation of components and materials. The factor method is very simple but it does not take into account the variability of the processes involved. In order to apply the factor method, significant knowledge of deterioration progression of different types of buildings which include the effect of type of use, the material, expected level of service etc is required. Still the methodology hasn’t been developed in a mature form to be useful to the asset managers of local councils. The model proposed here was developed for forecasting renewal and refurbishment of council buildings. It can be easily implemented by practitioners and would be of benefit to infrastructure Managers of City Councils. Click here to read more