Martin Kerr spoke at the Australian Corrosion Associations (ACA) annual conference on behalf of the Asset Management Council. Here is a short summary from Martin:

Yesterday I attended the Australasian Corrosion Associations (ACA) annual conference in Auckland. I had the privilege of representing the AM Council with a talk on ISO55000, our AM models and the application of both in industry. What struck me as a common theme was the challenges many organisations have in translating Organisational objectives into Asset Objectives. The ACA are working with their respective international body NACE to construct a Corrosion Management System which when overlaid on our Capability Delivery Model and AM Systems Model has many similarities. One piece of my talk that appeared to resinate with the audience was section 4 of ISO, "Context of the Organisation" and "Stakeholder Needs". Understanding both of these is key to setting up any system to be able to respond to change.

Some of the key outtakes I heard yesterday.

  • Performance of a system vs performance of equipment
  • Moving from bottom up planning to top down planning
  • The cost of Corrosion in North America is 3.2% of GDP
  • Translating technical issues into management speak is critical (Line of sight / Alignment)
  • Understand the expectation of stakeholders, never assume!

The best story I heard was about data, information and knowledge..."we have some cutting edge technology but still our information collection is disconnected from our decision making and is more focused on transaction and cost". The story went on to say that some people in their working life will see an asset go through multiple lives and change outs. For longer lasting assets of 40+ years we rely heavily on an aging workforce to understand how the original was designed and built and for the most part there aren't people in the workforce who remember. Today industries need to accept that the tenure of employment is in shorter cycles and therefore we need to look at succession across both Assets and Humans.

Martin Kerr (AMBok Team)
November 2016