Infrastructure Australia has developed an Infrastructure Priority List which is updated regularly. Take a look at the list here Infrastructure Priority List
"In the Australian Infrastructure Plan, Infrastructure Australia identified a number of ways in which infrastructure investment and reform can help achieve infrastructure reforms that improve our productivity. This includes:

  1. Making better use of existing infrastructure through the use of data, analytics and technology – particularly to get our urban road and rail networks operating as effectively and efficiently as they could.
  2. Investing in integrated long term planning and business case development to prioritise the most productive infrastructure investments for the short, medium and long term.
  3. Increasing contestability and efficiency in the delivery of infrastructure services. This also means learning from Australian and overseas experiences, particularly in world leading energy, telecommunications, water and transport services.
  4. Diversifying the sources of funding available to invest in the infrastructure we need. This is critical to support our growing and ageing population."

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