We would like to invite professionals, students and organisations from asset intensive industries and academia to apply to present their asset management technical and research developments at AMPEAK20 Asset Management Conference 2020


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AMPEAK20 - enabling leaders in asset management to achieve excellence in the management of assets

AMPEAK20 is the meeting place for asset managers and a place to engage in lively discussion on emerging topics of interest in asset management, share new ideas and knowledge, and find practical solutions to take and use in your workplace.

Come and hear from asset management experts covering lifecycle issues for all assets, take part in interactive sessions, chat to exhibitors and networks with professionals across all sectors and industries.

We are seeking submissions of abstracts addressing one of the five themes that will be of interest to CEOs, Executive, Managers and academia across complex asset rich organisations, asset management and maintenance practitioners. The five themes include:

Leading for Success

  • Understanding your stakeholders
  • Maintaining an effective AMS
  • Challenges for AM leaders
  • Building the right objectives
  • Future proofing AM

People and Culture

  • Building an effective AM competence framework
  • Sharing beliefs, values and assumptions
  • Driving behaviours
  • Embedding AM processes and practices
  • Change management challenge

Tools, systems and models

  • Setting up AM Capability Models
  • Building better AMS frameworks
  • Tailoring systems engineering
  • Improving lifecycle modelling
  • Integrating AMS into Enterprise Management Systems


  • BIM & Digital Twin challenge for AM
  • Next generation AM information systems
  • Advances in Digital Engineering
  • Move to Smart assets
  • Impact of connected environments

Assurance, compliance and risk

  • Aligning with ISO 31000:2018
  • Maintaining ISO 55001:2014
  • Demonstrating "Three lines of defence"
  • Effective decision tools
  • Asset Management Maturity Models



Abstracts of 150-200 words are to be submitted by Friday 22nd November through the online portal.
A video-pitch of no more than 2 minutes can accompany the abstract with video link uploaded through the online portal.

Abstracts and video-pitch to be submitted online using the appropriate template and placed into one of the 5 categories described in Paper Submissions


Papers may be submitted into one of the below categories:
Papers promoting products and services will strictly not be accepted.

Category 1 – Full Peer Reviewed Technical Paper
This option is for authors who wish to submit a full paper for technical peer review by two subject matter experts and publication. The final submitted paper must adhere to strict criteria and, if accepted, will be made available in the Asset Management Body of Knowledge (AMBoK)

Several additional options exist for publishing and citation of research papers submitted for AMPEAK19:

  • Selected research and thought-leading papers will be considered for recommendation to be published by Springer ebook in the “Engineering Asset Management Reviews” under the auspices of the International Society for Engineering Asset Management after the event titled “AMPEAK19 Conference Papers”. The Springer ebook series is indexed in Scopus. https://www.springer.com/series/8663
  • Selected research papers will also be considered for recommendation to be published by Taylor and Francis in the Engineers Australia Journal “Australian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering” https://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=tmul20&page=instructions

Category 2 – Non-Peer Reviewed Paper
This option is for authors who wish to submit a paper for presentation at the conference, but not be subject to the same review process as category 1. These papers will be reviewed for quality and suitability but will not be subject to the same criteria as category 1. Papers promoting products and services will strictly not be accepted. Papers must address the conference themes and may include case studies, new technologies or practical applications. These papers will be available on the conference app and website only.

Category 3 – Poster

This option is for authors who do not wish to do an oral presentation or have a paper that is best presented as a poster (i.e. large amounts of technical data, tables). Posters will be available to view in the exhibition area throughout the conference. Posters will not be subject to full peer review, but will be checked for quality and suitability.

Category 4 – Rapid Fire Technical Presentation
You will have 3 minutes to present your slides. A maximum of 5 slides can be used for your presentation and after your presentation, there will be 2 minutes of Questions/Answers. A paper submission is not required.

Category 5 – Asset Management Thought - Leadership Session
This option is for authors and facilitators who would like to propose an emerging topic of interest in asset management. Proposals that address exciting topics in creative formats that generate lively interactions among participants and that can lead to high impact and transformative research are highly encouraged. The session will be captured via audio device and in some instances by video device for use by the AMCouncil.

Please provide details of

  • the topic to be investigated and discussed
  • the top 3 objectives of the session and key learnings for participants
  • how the session is to be structure (eg panel session, symposium, workshop, tutorial, world café, round-table),
  • length (45mins, 60mins or 90mins),
  • who is to be involved in speaking on the panel or facilitating the session and their credentials
  • Full submission guidelines and templates for submissions are available from the conference website http://www.ampeak.com.au

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