To raise awareness of appropriate accredited certification to ISO55001

If your organisation is considering certification under ISO 55001 in the near future, it is pertinent you read further.
Recently, various organizations have acquired certification for ISO 55001 without following the necessary procedures to be certified. The result is that these organizations' ISO 55001 certifications do not have recognition from governing bodies in asset management (ISO & JAS-ANZ) as being certified under ISO 55001 and may not be compliant with the standards published in ISO 55001.

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Want to Pass the CAMA Exam?

The Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) exam allows professionals in asset management to benchmark and certify their asset management knowledge and skills. CAMA certification is internationally recognised and was created to ensure a standard in asset management practices. The Asset Management Council's Conquering the CAMA webinar recording gives attendees all the preparation they need in order to feel confident and equipped enough to pass the CAMA exam and can be purchased in our online store here.

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New Certified Associates of Asset Management - December 2014

Congratulations to Gary McCloskey, Peter Barlas and Antony Spark for becoming Certified Associates in Asset Management.

The Asset Management Council would also like to extend huge congratulations to Italo Tadeu de Carvalho Freitas Filho for achieving Certified Fellow in Asset Management, the highest certification offered.

Interested in becoming certified? Visit out Certification page to find out more.

MEDIA RELEASE: Member Involvement Enables Highly Successful CAMA Exam

Next CAMA Exam - February 2015

‘…An international effort… 44 volunteer asset management professionals from two continents…delivered 300+ questions…without one face-to-face meeting and hit their targets…This is a model for future technical developments within the Asset Management Council…’

Deryk Anderson - CAMA Exam Director

The fantastic outcome of the CAMA Exam has unequivocally confirmed the power of Asset Management Council Chapters and Member involvement, and global team unity! 

Engagement by the Asset Management Council Technical Team with Chapters throughout Australia and New Zealand for their input – as well as PEMAC – secured 44 experienced and diverse AM practitioners from the mining, utilities, Defence, aviation, infrastructure and consulting sectors; five teams delivered critical questions that now comprise the CAMA Exam. Questions showing diversity in exploration of the process of information extraction; diversification and depth of knowledge and understanding required to deliver appropriate responses and demonstrate capabilities.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Outstanding Outcome from CAMA Exam Launch

Announcing the first 35 globally Certified Asset Management Assessors

October 2014 saw the successful Australian launch of the first Certified Asset Management Assessor exams. The Asset Management Council is delighted to announce the results and advise that the first Australian group of 35 CAMA professionals are currently being issued with official certificates from World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM).

Globally acknowledged as a great step forward for the asset management community, this successful launch unequivocally shows Australia’s leadership in global asset management. CAMA is run and recognised throughout Australia, Brazil, Canada, France and the USA.

Due to unprecedented demand, another CAMA Exam sitting will be offered in early December this year. Exam candidates must have a minimum of five years’ experience in asset management and have a strong working knowledge of ISO 5500X.

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