The Asset Management Council has developed an asset management maturity assessment tool that will allow organisation to assess their maturity level and help them on their journey to excellence. The outcome of the assessment is a rigorous analysis that identifies performance gaps and strengths across a range of domains including some ISO 55001 sections. The assessment will also help organisation benchmarking their performance nationally and internationally to guide them on their maturity path.

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Asset Management Maturity Model

About the Asset Management Maturity Assessment

The maturity assessment tool was developed by contribution of asset management experts from different industries such as mining, rail, airlines, defence, Government sector, etc. Through the process of the assessment development, the AM Council conducted a number of workshops and focus groups to conducting a demand analysis to collect the industry requirements of what is the best approach to assess maturity. The process then followed by initial drafting of the Asset Management Maturity Model (AMMM). The model then was tested and rationalised by AM professionals to ensure that the model is fit for purpose. AMMM had strong buy in from industry and people accepted the model. The asset management maturity assessment was then developed based on the AMMM and other industries models such as Hudson Model, Asset Management System Model. The assessment has more than 160 questions that test different aspects of the asset management in the organisation. The assessment was built on input from different professionals in different industries, which gives the tool width and depth to cover divers industries and at the same time ask the tough questions that help organisations reaching their potentials.

  • The AM Council has strong credibility in Australia and Internationally.
  • Not for profit organisation
  • Strong international presence in the field of asset management, founding member of the Global Forum on Maintenance and asset management, co- founder of the World Partners in Asset Management (WPIAM)
  • The assessment tool was built from the industry to the industry
  • The model was built on industry recognised and accepted models such as, ISO 5500x, Asset Management Council System Model, Hudson Model, Asset Management Maturity Model, etc.
  • Benchmarking your organisation to ISO 5500x
  • Comparing your organisation to competitors and other industry by benchmarking the your organisation nationally and internationally.
  • Identifying opportunities in our business to improve the bottom line outcome such as, share price increase, cost reduction, increasing profitability, and service delivery.
  • Tracking your organisation performance over time
  • Use your asset management as catalyst for productivity

Assessment options

1 Light assessment

2 Light assessment with benchmarking

3 Full assessment with CFAM review

In this assessment the organisation will answer an online questionnaire, the outcome of this assessment will be In this assessment the organisation will answer an online questionnaire, the outcome of this assessment will be In this assessment the organisation will answer online questionnaire, this questioner will then be followed by two CFAM level assessors, to verify the answers and assess the organisation on site. The outcome of this assessment will be
Score shows the organisation asset management maturity level within the 10 asset management system elements
Benchmark of the organisation maturity level to others in the same industry and other industries x
Report that highlights the strengths and opportunities of the organisation, and an executives briefing on the final day of the assessment. x x