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Commencing in 2007, this quarterly Journal continues to cover the latest asset management and maintenance topics for its members and the wider asset management and maintenance community. It contains technical articles, tutorials, informal articles about current issues in asset management, chapter news, and updates from the CEO and Chairman.

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From the Editor-in-Chief

The Asset Journal, Volume 11, Issue 1


I trust your start of the New Year has been filled with prospects to further expand your Asset Management activities. We observe a renewed interest in finding out how the buzz words of "Internet of Things", "Industry 4.0", "Big Data", "Analytics" and more will influence Asset Management. At the recent Australian Oil and Gas Exhibition (AOG), the Chairman of NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) Ken Fitzpatrick, outlined the need for Australia to become better skilled, focus on new and better Business models and increase efficiency in Operations in the Energy Sector. This call could not come at a better time, as we move into year three of the existence of the Asset Management System Standard, which is an enabler of all these elements.

Early adopters found guidance provided by the Standard useful and we can expect further improvements to the Standard when its first review is completed. The interest in the impact of innovation and new technologies is rising, as we also see in the articles in this edition. There are certainly many hours spent in thinking about data structures, data gathering for analytics and value creation for managing Assets in Europe. A great interest is noted about the application of sensors, data analytics and information creation through the implementation of sensors for all aspects of Asset Management and daily life, including measuring the emotional impact on individuals of ever present sensors, visual and discrete. This month's technical articles deal with aspects of the new technology on our doorstep and shows in some examples how it benefits the users in Asset Management.

We look forward to the forthcoming AMPEAK Conference in April and hope that you can again participate in the premier forum for Asset Management. The program the Technical Team has developed is certainly inspiring and is enhanced by the participation in the Conference of members of the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). Presentations by the Delegates at AMPEAK also make sure we stay connected with international developments in Asset Management and its value to Businesses.

The Asset Management Council team looks forward welcoming you at AMPEAK 2017 in Brisbane and as always look welcome your contributions to "The Asset", your feedback and comments.

Ernst Krauss

Editor in Chief 

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