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Commencing in 2007, this quarterly Journal continues to cover the latest asset management and maintenance topics for its members and the wider asset management and maintenance community. It contains technical articles, tutorials, informal articles about current issues in asset management, chapter news, and updates from the CEO and Chairman.

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From the Editor-in-Chief

The Asset Journal, Volume 10, Issue 4


The year past has as always 'flown by', especially with regard to Asset Management. For me it was again a year of learning about this complex subject and I am sure you all have learned something important about Asset Management. We have among other important developments seen the formation of TC 67, the Standards Committee that will work on the revision to the ISO 55000 suite, headed by the Vice Chairman of the Asset Management Council, David Daines. The debate about Asset Management Systems also has shifted from the pure technical and organisational aspects to focussing on how output is achieved. And what does output encompass? One critical element of Asset Management is the creation and sustaining of Value. There are many interesting questions attached to 'value', foremost of course what constitutes value and how can it be measured? In my own research I come to the conclusion that value varies from organisation to organisation and the notion of value is as individual as the perception of risk. No doubt many debates will focus on value in the future and to assist in the better understanding of what is meant by value we focus this edition of The Asset on value. The two technical articles deal with value in asset management. Of course we can also look forward to a huge AMPEK conference next year in Brisbane. The value in attending AMPEAK is in the opportunity to learn, network and exchange views with other practitioners, an opportunity that not often arises. If your reach extends to the Middle East, you may also attend the Dubai Maintenance and Asset Management Conference, where John Hardwick and David Daines are key speakers, addressing an expected audience of a 1000 delegates. The Asset Management Council Board, CEO and team and all Chapters extend best wishes to you and your families for the festive season, keep safe and recharge for a bumper year in Asset Management in 2017. As always, we seek your feedback on articles, opinions and ideas for improvement of the Journal and encourage you to send us your feedback.

Ernst Krauss

Editor in Chief 

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