The AM Council Asset Management Research Scholarship 2024

The Asset Management Council

Asset Management Research Scholarship 2024

In 2024 the AM Council is looking to award a research scholarship to the value of $9,000 to an individual who is keen to advance the art and science of asset management by undertaking practical research that will not only your workplace but benefit winder society.   

To access this opportunity you must be financial member of AM Council and complete the attached online application form indicating your research topic and why you would be suitable to be supported to undertake the research.

How to apply: Click below to fill out a scholarship research online application form, indicating your research topic, and good luck! 

Evaluation criteria of applications:
A panel of trustees will evaluate the applications using the following broad evaluation criteria. Where required they may seek further clarification and interview a potential candidate.

      • Academic Excellence: evidence of strong academic achievements, such as high grades, relevant coursework, and any honours or awards received.
      • Research Potential: research skills, including their ability to formulate research questions, develop a methodology, analyse data, and draw conclusions.
      • Passion and Commitment: passion for the field of study and their demonstrated commitment to making a positive impact through their work.
      • Innovation and Creativity: originality of the applicant’s ideas and ability to think creatively about how to address critical issues in asset management and society.
      • Research topic: Contribution of the topic to furthering the art and science of asset management.
      • Research plan: ability to undertake the research within a 1 year timeframe.
      • Collaboration and Leadership: ability to work effectively with others (take advice and critique from Scholarship Trustees Committee), both within their research environment and in broader collaborations, as well as their potential for leadership in their field.

Closing date: Wednesday 3rd April 2024

More info: Clarifications or want to talk over your application? Call the office 03 98192515 or email